GSLC: What types of attacks are you working to prevent?

To mitigate the bottleneck of manually reviewing business logic flaws, automate the input validation using solutions and architectures that are secure from the start, access to a router or gateway provides entry to an industrial or enterprise system.


Were rolling out a feature that gives people more transparency and control over the data other apps and websites share with us.


He makes a contract with a vendor in which one precisely specify the services to be procured, and any changes to the procurement specification will increase the costs to the buyer.


Risk management and security frameworks, vulnerability management, incident response and business continuity. TOGAF certification provides a clear path for professional development and credibility to employers. Your organization was established to aid leadership with strategic cyber and information security, provide cybersecurity solutions and add additional value by incorporating the most technologically advanced security products available to market.


Beta is a measure of risk representing how a security is expected to respond to general market movements.


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